GOLO Weight Loss – Does It Work?

GOLO Weight Loss – Does It Work?

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In the recent years, obesity or overweight conditions have really increased. The increase is of course attributed to various reasons including bad eating habits, overeating, and lack of exercises among many other factors.

Whereas studies do indicate varied causes of overweight conditions, the biological tenet factors that contribute to obesity are widely agreed upon.

With so many diet pills on the market and other overweight remedies readily available, it’s always a struggle in choosing which method to work with. So many overweight people crave for quick results ending up jumping from one program to the other. Some go through tough programs or remedial treatments that strain them and break their spirits.

The eventual result is that they give up with little results to show for.

GOLO weight loss approach provides a simplistic program which if coupled with other strategies weight loss strategies, can be very helpful in attaining the desired weight loss.

I will have a critical a look into this approach in determining whether it’s worth the time, its effects and if people can sustainably adapt to using it.

So let’s see what the results are!

GOLO weight loss – what is it?

Where talking about obesity, many people think of strenuous exercises that would torment and starve them as means of shedding excess weight. GOLO weight loss is one of the simplest approaches to reduce dietary sugars leading to fat loss.

According to Miller, GOLO weight loss is designed to convert fat deposits in the body directly into energy through 3-part effort i.e. release supplement, metabolic fuel matrix, and the GOLO matrix. These he asserts accelerate body fat loss and within 30 days the results can be visible.

How does GOLO weight loss work?

Since obesity is the accumulation of fats in the body, primarily in the stomach, GOLO weight loss approach is entrenched in the fact that too much insulin can lead to reduced metabolism and higher possibility of weight gain. With the increase in the insulin deposits, it inhibits the conversion of glucose in the body to energy instead of converting it into fat which is then stored in the body. This is easily caused due to primarily overeating or not exercising.

So GOLO weight loss program basically controls the insulin in the body which primarily controls the fat deposits in the body. With these in check, weight loss becomes possible.

Aspects of GOLO weight loss program

Miller discusses three basic aspects of GOLO weight loss program which include:-

Metabolic fuel matrix-

This emphasizes high-quality nutrition bearing in mind that various different conditions may call for different approaches to dietary requirements which of course would inform the kind of foods one would likely take. He pinpoints one aspect though, that no preservatives or extra sugars should be used. Instead of the overweight individuals starving, GOLO weight loss advocates for appropriate eating and feeding habits while using recommended cooking methods.

The benefits that accrue from this are many as you the obese can continue eating thus remaining health and providing their bodies with sufficient and required nutrients.

There is a plan on the GOLO website that provides a list of all recommended food choices and preparations methods one can use.

Membership plan-

This provides a platform through which GOLO weight loss practicing individuals can have discussions on signs of progress they are making with their practices. They can also share information on foods and health eating choices whilst providing motivation and support for each other.

The website can also have recommended resources and programs that can be of further help.

Release Supplement-

According to GOLO website, Release supplement is an all natural, plant-based supplement product manufactured in California. The supplement is made of compounds that constitute of plants and ingredients sourced from every corner of the world.

This supplement main focus is on helping one optimize insulin performance and activate other mediums to come into play whenever insulin inst performing optimally in controlling the body’s sugars.

The supplement thus helps in controlling fats in the body through fat releases and breakdown, whilst reducing cravings for food and providing balanced body hormones.

Its dosage includes one soft gel supposed to be taken during meals which is meant to optimize insulin and prevent weight gain without any side effects. As one continues the use of the supplement and insulin becomes optimized in the body, gradually the use of the supplement can be phased out. One can take the insulin up to 6 months.

Benefits of GOLO weight loss

GOLO weight loss cost range from about $50 to $90 depending on the options one may take which are 30-day capsules, 60 day or 90 days. Of course, there are other add-ons which one would subscribe to too. All these are only bought from GOLO.com and they come with 60-day money back guarantee.

The GOLO weight loss program is cost effective and manageable compared to other diet pills and programs and with a long trial period, one can have a try and then opt to join or not.

The program also has realistic approaches that do not require extreme sacrifices which make it suitable for many to join.

The support programs provided by GOLO network is key in motivating, mentoring and supporting the patients.

With so few side effects, the programs provide some comfort to users who don’t have to worry about other adverse effects.


With so many programs, diets, pills and other supplements in the market today that are geared towards making weight loss possible and “easy”, it’s hard to really come up with a definitive conclusion on which one is best.

However, GOLO weight loss is simple, straightforward and manageable to many. I could recommend it based on such tenets. Though with no known side effects, some of its supplement ingredients are known to react with other medication hence it’s advisable for patients to consult their physicians whenever they want to start using the release supplement.

-Terry Asher

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