The Deep State & The Cover Up


To the American People,

My name is Terry Asher Moncada, I am here to tell you about an alleged massive cover-up involving the death of Seth Rich and corruption by a division of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency of Houston Texas, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Houston Texas, Department of Defense(DOHA) and the Democratic National Committee.


Personal Background

  • Jan 2019 Dad suffers a stroke
  • I move to Texas to help him
  • His business partner commits grand theft auto and steals over 1 million dollars in assets
  • My sister passes away in May 2020
  • I file a wrongful death suit (Moncada v. Atrium, et al.)
  • My dad is forced into bankruptcy due to the grand theft auto (4:19-bk-33426,4:19-19-bk-36569, 4:19-ap-03626, 4:19-ap-03626, 4:21-ap-04408)
  • An investor & Attorney thinks my dad committed fraud, when in fact he was robbed, the investor files an advisory proceeding suing my dad in bankruptcy (Nature of Adversary Proceeding, 65 Bankruptcy – Dischargeability – other,67 Bankruptcy – Dischargeability – §523(a)(4), fraud as fiduciary, embezzlement, larceny, 68 Bankruptcy – Dischargeability – §523(a)(6), willful and malicious injury, 41 Bankruptcy – Objection/revocation of discharge – §727(c),(d),(e) , 62 Bankruptcy – Dischargeability – §523(a)(2), false pretenses, false representation, actual fraud)
  • The attorney suing my dad is the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen in my life and inflicts intentional emotional stress on my poor dad someone who had just lost their first child, got robbed, and suffered an ocular stroke… In short, I was furious
  • I gain access in 2020 to a system called “Pacer” where legal documents are electronically filed. I build a suspicion this pile of shit attorney is stalking my family on foot, and at bear minimum cyber stalking me
  • Everyone calls me crazy, and paranoid, even the FBI agent tells me “Terry he is just doing his job”

June 3rd, 2020, the crazy attorney states the following on Pacer “Terry Moncada lives in California”

I proceed to ignore everyone and enroll in a cyber security class to capture his device and IP address cyberstalking me

Just 30 days after I enroll in cyber security class, I capture his IP/Device, I went from suspicion to “hard evidence”

How I Caught Shawn Shearer Invading My Privacy

Not only does a common-law right to privacy exist under Texas law, but also the Texas Constitution protects personal privacy from “unreasonable intrusion” meaning that one person cannot intentionally intrude upon the seclusion, solitude, or private affairs of another by the physical invasion of the other’s property or by eavesdropping on the other’s conversation via wiretaps, microphones, or spying

§ 652B Intrusion Upon Seclusion

One who intentionally intrudes, physically or otherwise, upon the solitude or seclusion of another or his private affairs or concerns, is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy if the intrusion would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.

  • After that, I rank him on the first page of Google, file a bar complaint with the Texas State Bar, and inform my father’s attorney that not only did he stalk my own father on foot into his workplace, but he was also cyber stalking me on a private Instagram account. Per the supreme court and the fourth amendment of the United States of America, I have a reasonable expectation of privacy because my social media is set to PRIVATE, per rule 8.4 of the BAR he is not allowed to do this under any circumstances.

It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another;

(b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;

(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

(d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;

(e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law;

(f) knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct or other law; or

(g) engage in conduct that the lawyer knows or reasonably should know is harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or socioeconomic status in conduct related to the practice of law. This paragraph does not limit the ability of a lawyer to accept, decline, or withdraw from a representation in accordance with Rule 1.16. This paragraph does not preclude legitimate advice or advocacy consistent with these Rules.

As you can see below, I provided two special agents with actionable data regarding this criminal conspiracy, that was relevant to their department.

  • I meet with a special agent, and that special agent reaches out to my FBI friend and states the following “We think Terry is the guy from the movie beautiful mind”
  • One month later they review my files and stated I indeed caught the attorney in 4-6 federal crimes and stated to my parents “Your son is extremely smart and is doing a very advanced cyber security technic” and state “He is better than most of our computer guys”
  • But they also state “we don’t quite see the drug connection” but hey you should apply for a job at the Drug Enforcement Agency of Houston Texas for becoming an Intelligent Analysis
  • Perplexed by this but happy I caught the attorney I continue to investigate going against two special agents in the Drug Enforcement Agency of Houston Texas and one FBI agent
  • I then piece together another federal crime “Conspiracy” between the attorney & his client

18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights

“If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or”

  • They say “ok” come back into the building and show us your stuff again
  • On Nov 24th I was indeed interrogated by two special agents, it was very uncomfortable, but I told the truth, and again was offered a JOB at that agency
  • My question is simple did the same agency then turn around and spy on me?

Yes, I am alleging they did just that, and most likely put me into hemisphere project.

My investigation was so large when I was done with it that it was approximately 13GB, the size of a small video game.

Mathematically speaking it was impossible that I was incorrect in my findings. In fact, at an absolute bare minimum per, my investigation caught at least 68 domestic criminals.

Background on Massive Government Corruption











Guess what happens? Big Brother Calls…


Last call from the Drug Enforcement Agency of Houston Texas

“Sorry I didn’t call you back sooner, international deadlines, and so forth.”

“Yea most people think the government is listening to everything but it’s super targeted”

I replied, “Yea that would be some Edward Snowden shit”, he didn’t laugh at the joke

I remember laughing to myself, I didn’t really care if they were, or they weren’t to be honest. Later I would realize why he said this though, he had read my disclaimer at the bottom of my emails, where I cited the Electronic Privacy Act, 18 USC 2510.

I laughed again to myself, I had basically given up my privacy by going to the DOJ in the first place, I had turned all my company files because I had reason to believe this “network” was penetrating all my corporations and stalking me.

He then said, “You know has anyone ever told you, you need to become an attorney?”.

I responded, “I said yea, my attorneys tell me all the time I could probably pass the bar at this point.”

I thought to myself, honestly suing people wasn’t really my thing, unless I really felt in my heart I was wronged or my family. Both of which applied now, looking after my dad’s bankruptcy case and my sister’s wrongful death case.

I told him “I said my dad told me what happened to you and how you were stalked by an attorney in regard to your son, I told him I’m sorry you had to deal with that”

It was true, special agent 2 had an attorney hack his emails when he was in a dispute with a school district regarding his child. I was certainly sympathetic as I was dealing with a similar situation. 

Special Agent #2 then continued to say, “you’re a freaking Jedi, you just need how to control your powers”, I took it as a compliment. I think what he was saying though in a roundabout way is maybe I was still making a couple of mistakes, but of course, he was referring to information on my second USB stick. I submitted that over six months ago. I had learned as fast as I could, and by the time of the conversation I know, I wasn’t making any mistakes anymore.

He continued to say “You know government officials make mistakes we are not always right” at first glance you could interpret this as him admitting he could possibly be incorrect OR he was simply telling me what he thought I wanted to hear. Regardless of each outcome one thing was true he had closely looked at my second USB stick, and he didn’t even need to tell me because he was simply regurgitating certain facts from the second USB stick.

Special Agent #2 then said “you know I was thinking about you and your family during the holidays, losing someone is extremely difficult.

I’ll be honest I choked up a bit in the conversation.

Yea it is… I mustered.

Special Agent #2 then said, “Do you mind if I tell you something personal”, I responded, “of course man”.

I lost my sister in a car accident, I know sometimes life is not fair, it’s hard and sometimes grief is like the Pacific Ocean and sometimes the waves hit harder than other days.

I couldn’t help but instantly feel horrible for the agent, while I strongly disagreed with him about the investigation, I would be lying if I didn’t feel a human connection.

I responded with “I am so sorry man…” and I meant it. Regardless of our differences and in my opinion “lack of action”, I still felt horrible for the guy.

The Agent said, “Hey have you ever been on the dark web?”

We shifted topics and I said, “you know, after I left, I kept going… I suppose in pursuit of the truth.”

I said, “you know that article I wrote about the attorney?”

He said “yea?”

He said, “what do you mean?”

I said “I think I invertedly created a massive honey pot”

I said “Special agent #2 every IP address I run is hot”

He said what do you mean “hot”

I said 90% of them lead back to someone with an extensive criminal history, mostly drug-related charges.

He said “really…”

I knew at that very moment he knew I was on to something; at this point, he didn’t need to tell me he saw my second USB stick; I just knew because he was using an NLP technique called anchoring where he was referring to my I-movie.

He responded with “you know people think the government knows everything, sometimes we are wrong, and a lot of our tips come from the public”

I listened but of course, I thought to myself of course maybe he was referring to my I movie again where I said, “did your “investigators” run the numbers I gave you?”.

I said Special Agent #2 you know my friend owns truth finder, I spoke with him before I walked into the building, and I said “please tell me the #’s are accurate I’m about to walk into a federal building”, his response was “they are we pull them straight from the carriers”.

The phone went silent for a couple of seconds…

*Showing fear of liability & that indeed the call was recorded, and he had basically contradicted his original statement and discredited himself by not answering the question

I couldn’t help but think “did he know I was right?”, I had given them literally thousands of numbers at this point. The chances of me being incorrect were mathematical, and zilch.

To stop the awkward silence, I said “but that water is under the bridge now”.

What I was doing was cross-examining him back, I knew big brother was listening to that day and he, of course, didn’t answer my question on the record, because that, of course, is liability.

He said “Hey have you ever been on the dark web”

I thought to myself should I lie? Lying to a federal agent was a crime and more importantly even though I had been on the dark web a couple of times I had nothing to worry about.

“I said yes Chris I’ve been on twice, but I ask my FBI friend and he said you probably shouldn’t be on there, and I haven’t been back since”

What I said was the truth, but what I would later realize was this was the only question he didn’t ask during the informal “interrogation”. I can’t believe it I thought, this guy still has a suspicion I’m a criminal, how could he be so obtuse? 

He said, “You’re just trying to help huh?”, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. What else was I there to do, I thought?

*Tie in how you figured out he was listening to your recorded calls with the San Diego police department

Why would I spend literally hundreds of hours on a massive investigation, give up my personal privacy, and nearly have a mental breakdown for what? Shits and giggles?

I really felt like there were points where I could have shut my laptop and said “this doesn’t concern myself or my family anymore” but I didn’t.

I didn’t because for the first time in my life I felt like I could potentially save American lives. If what I thought was indeed the truth, this thing was a massive plague.

I felt strongly there was something more to all this, a “hunch”, whatever you want to call it.

It’s like it took the special agent almost six months for him to realize I was there to help.

He took a keen interest in me once I challenged his position and his analysis. I knew he was lying to me, but I didn’t reveal on that call that day what I knew he was lying to me about.

Regardless of my differences with the agency, it was overall a pleasant conversation, I explained to him “hey look” “I have family in the military, and I certainly respect you trying to protect the nation”

The Agent said “Hey you should try to find and track missing kids and silver alerts (senior citizens).

“Yea I was actually thinking that I created a little cyber security company called “The Data Spartan”

I said, “Chris it was difficult with everything that staked up all at once, he cut me off “Listen I get it”. I think there was a part of him that understood.

I thanked him for his time, and we hung up.

I stared out the window for several minutes, special agent #2 had basically in a roundabout way acknowledged I was right, or at least thought it was extremely suspicious at this point. The ironic part was this was all based on my second USB stick. I had a third that was about three times the size and I knew it had fewer errors because I was refining my work with time.

I laughed for a second to myself, I had gone from “we can’t figure Terry out and if he is the guy from beautiful mind” to him seriously thinking I was on to something. I was a bit perplexed, he in a roundabout way acknowledged my suspicions but to do date, no justice.

I was most likely tracked through the cell phone towers

FEB 8, 2021– Hey I will be in PHX next week you should come out, a sure man that would be great. In addition, I had just created my cyber security company The Data Spartan, which was supposed to aid law enforcement.

FEB 15, 2021– I meet my friend who is a Boston Police officer in Phoenix, he had been watching the progression of the whole investigation and coaching me on certain parts. To this day I am truly grateful for him and my other law enforcement friend from the FBI. It’s also important to note the Boston Police officer, was indeed part of a special task force under the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Over the course of the next year, I aided law enforcement with Cyber Security and open-source information. Until one day I was under the suspicion that maybe I was the one that was being investigated.

On or around June of 2021 I worked with a division of Homeland security. My impression of the captain was positive, I have no qualms with him personally, however after I submitted my information from my honest cyber security company known as The Data Spartan, just ten days later I had a cyber security trap go off. It was someone from their department, leading me to believe I was the subject(not the source) and not there to help them.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office Caught In a Cyber Security Trap

Collier County Sheriff’s Office was an alleged police department I was “helping” when in fact I matched their IPv4 up with my website TheDataSpartan & a cyber security trap that went off on my digital assets.

After my Interaction with the Drug Enforcement Agency

I start to develop a suspicion they are investigating me for all legal purposes I’m alleging this occurred

It’s August 2nd, 2022

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (U.S. Code 522) First Party Request

Drug Enforcement Agency Houston Texas

I continue to reverse Engineer their witch hunt against me…

It’s August 4th, 2022

Using social engineering I post on Instagram that I have sued the drug enforcement agency, under The Federal Torts Claim Act (FTCA) (U.S Code 28. U.S.C 2674-2680). Failure to comply will result in an immediate Federal Lawsuit.

How do Seth Rich & The Department of Defense Fit Into this Picture?

In the same unit of time (backing up now) I get introduced to a Digital Marketing client on March 2nd by . Maverick Payments was a digital marketing client of mine for more than 10 years, meaning there was a lot of trust involved.

At the time in no way shape or form did I ever imagine a Department of Defense Official would even remotely be “interested” in me but that would change over the next six months. I’ll admit I liked him; he was charming, polite, and paid my marketing company very well. There was a catch though, I’m alleging this Department of Defense Official( had access to and came from:

 The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), the largest component of the Defense Legal Services Agency, provides hearings and issues decisions in personnel security clearance cases for contractor personnel doing classified work for all DoD components and 28 other Federal Agencies and Departments.

Over the next couple of months, I notice a suspicious pattern start to emerge in my head. This alleged “digital marketing” client was asking me very specific questions in addition to trying to entrap me in every federal crime he could. My exhibits below will explain just that.

On or around July 2022 I become very suspicious of this individual, and I start to probe his social media as I don’t things are “adding up”. I use truthfinder, review Facebook, review LinkedIn and find very suspicious material.

I hire my private investigator in the month of August 2022

I had previously mentioned this DOD official knew me very well, in fact so well he knew I enjoyed woodcraft in the Highschool. Below are two pieces I cut, carved, and glued together in Highschool.

As I know this individual is now part of the DOD, I scrape (Using EXIF data) the screenshot of his alleged wood carving. He was trying to draw an emotional connection with me here, but he failed because the EXIF data revealed he had taken a picture of this box just a day before preparing for our call.

In addition, “his” website to which I was doing Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click to was secured by the Small Business Administration, meaning it was a government-owned website. Even more compelling when I order a product from his website, he uses Nationwide Prime Medical Supplies, LLC which is owned by System for Award Management (SAM) & U.S General Services Administration (GSA). If you do e-commerce for a living, you know this is a HUGE red flag.

Phone numbers from the private detective match, the phone number I had been texting and calling (818) 963-2626. In addition, there is a Department of Defense number attached to my alleged “marketing client” (818) 887-3537.

In addition, his emails match the email I had been communicating for roughly 5 months.

The Alleged Murder of Seth Rich

On August the 29th, 2022 I know Idene aka my “digital marketing client” is part of the Department of Defense at the very least. The following night I call him on or around 12 am, and I said the following:

“Hey, Idene you never told me you were part of the Department of Defense.”

The phone went silent for a couple of seconds…

Mr. DOD goes “Terry your crazy man”

“I said you know what’s weird Idene, my parents tell me that sometimes, but I always end up being right”.

The phone went silent for a couple more seconds…

“Well, I would love to see that report your looking at”

I said, “Idene it’s from a private investigator, that was a former federal agent, it’s accurate, stop playing.”


The phone went silent for a couple more seconds…

Mr. DOD goes “Are you drinking Terry?”

I said “What do you think Idene, you guys are putting a lot of pressure on me man”

I said, “Idene how does this story end man?”

Mr.DOD goes “End up like Seth Rich or let your brain make a massive difference for your country”

I had no knowledge of Seth Rich at the time, I instantly google “Seth Rich”, it was about a young man who work for the DNC and allegedly leaked emails to WikiLeaks. He was shot twice in the back and the case went cold.

I said “Idene why are you guys doing this? You know I was honest with you; you know I’m a good guy?”

Mr. DOD goes “Terry nice guys finish last”

Mr.DOD goes “Terry your facing true evil”, “you need to fight fire with fire brother”

At that moment, my suspicion was maybe Mr.DOD was entrapped by the same “evil group” or another known as the deep state.

I can neither confirm nor deny that statement, but it was a thought.

Mr. DOD goes “So what’s your plan with your Federal Torts Claim Act against the Drug Enforcement Agency”

I said “Nice try Idene, I’m not giving you my legal arguments so the U.S Attorney’s office can get ahead of them, but I appreciate the concern.

I said “Idene you’re too late, I knew you were DOD two days ago, and I’ve already sent out 100 USB sticks out with all my information to the best constitutional lawyers in the country, if anything happens to me, it’s game over for you and your group”

We hung up a couple of minutes later.

A million thoughts flooded my head, I went into a downward tailspin, how could this happen in the United States of America I thought?

At the time I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada I immediately moved from my apartment as I had ordered a product from the DOD’s website, meaning they had my address. Furthermore, the night after I admitted to “drinking” there was a federal agent’s car sitting right behind my Denali. They were trying to intimidate me in every way possible, but they failed.

My Federal Patent

It wasn’t until early September when I moved to Texas, I meet with someone that actively works with DARPA doing mass data collection. It was by complete coincidence, and I showed him the information about the DOD pretending to be my client and the federal patent I created out of my investigation. He said, “Kid you don’t even know what you did”, I said, “what do you mean?”

Mr.Darpa said “You modified the Cyber Security Kill Chain”, I said, “I did what?”

Mr.Darpa said “You need to go look the following up and you will track immediately”

Kill chain – study

IBM Security Report

It was in that very moment I entertained a very possible reality, Mr.DOD was potentially in my life for this very reason. The “DOD”, knew I had redesigned the Cyber Security Kill Chain because it was a Federal Patent, meaning I owned the rights to my invention.

Over the course of Sept & October of 2022, I continue to investigate Mr.DOD only to run his Department of Defense phone number (818) 887-3537 leading back to this gentleman Jeff A. Nagel Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (dod) located at 21041 Burbank Blvd Suite 206, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States of America.

Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA)

Eventually, I would piece together that Mr.DOD most likely belonged to this department The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), the largest component of the Defense Legal Services Agency, provides hearings and issues decisions in personnel security clearance cases for contractor personnel doing classified work for all DoD components and 28 other Federal Agencies and Departments; conducts personal appearance hearings and issues decisions in security clearance cases for DoD civilian employees and military personnel.


Possible Employers (5 Found)

Business Name: BLVCK MVRK3T ENT INC (06/02/2021)


Business Name: DEPT OF DEFENSE (02/25/2015 to 06/29/2019)

Phone: (818) 887-3537 (PT) DEPT OF DEFENSE


Lockheed Martin & The Cyber Security Kill Chain

In tandem, with me investigating Mr.DOD I meet with Lockheed Martin as they are the original company that created the Cyber Security Kill Chain. I spend two hours with a rocket scientist, I could tell at the end of our meeting he was impressed. He then proceeded to give me a tour of Lockheed’s Gym and facility, it was a great honor to be there. It has yet to be determined if Lockheed will partner with me and my Patent.

Who Killed Seth Rich?

Also, In Tandem I investigate who was behind the murder of Seth Rich. As previously mentioned this DOD official said “End up like Seth Rich” or “let your brain make a massive difference for the United States of America”.

I report this to Local Law Enforcement, FBI Houston, & the inspector general of the department of defense.

The Inspector General of The Department of Defense calls me in 48 hours and gives me a case # (Department of Defense (DoD) Hotline Complaint: 20221031-080477)

“On September 26, 2022, you contacted the Department of Defense Hotline.  The information you provided caused me concern for your safety.  Therefore, I provided your name and address to the San Diego Police Department for action they deemed appropriate.”

Unfortunately, my findings regarding Seth Rich are very unsettling and disturbing, to say the least. I will explain below…

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: FBI Covered Up Strzok and Page Emails Regarding Seth Rich – Now the FBI Is Doubling Down In their Cover-Up

Attorney Ty Clevenger reported to the courts on Monday that despite numerous assurances from the FBI that they had no information related to Seth Rich, the FBI had been caught and therefore was lying to him all this time.  (See timeline below).

In response, the DOJ immediately stepped in with a letter to the judge.  In this letter, the DOJ claimed the FBI had met its burden and its search would have located emails “of investigative significance”


The DOJ next says that after the Mueller sham, Hillary’s email exoneration, the Ukraine Hoax, Fast and Furious, FISA Warrant abuse, and much more, the FBI is “entitled to a presumption of good faith”:

The FBI and DOJ currently cannot be trusted.  Sorry, but this is because of their recent record.  The courts simply cannot accept the FBI and DOJ on their word.

After previously claiming no FBI records could be found related to Seth Rich, emails were uncovered. These emails weren’t just from anybody. These emails were between FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the two most corrupt individuals involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax.

In a set of emails released by Judicial Watch on January 22, 2020, provided by a FOIA request on Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, multiple emails were found referring to Seth Rich:

The emails are heavily redacted but we do know that Jonathan Moffa was also involved in the email exchange:

What’s also unreal is that the individual releasing the emails to Judicial Watch, David M. Hardy, is also the Deep State crook who claimed he couldn’t find any emails related to Seth Rich to Ty Clevenger. Per Clevenger, he was never contacted by Hardy or the FBI to notify him that Seth Rich’s emails have been found.

Clevenger has prepared an email and he will notify the court tomorrow and will provide the following complaint to US Attorney Durham, US Attorney Donoghue, and DOJ Inspector General Horowitz:



Huddleston v. Federal Bureau of Investigation (4:20-cv-00447)

Seth Rich leaked DNC data proof, Recent FBI court filing in Huddleston v FBI reveals and hides involvement and backs up Seymour Hersh statement July 11, 2017

Seymour Hersh

“Hersh first gained recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, for which he received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. During the 1970s, Hersh covered the Watergate scandal for The New York Times and revealed the clandestine bombing of Cambodia. In 2004, he reported on the U.S. military‘s mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. He has also won two National Magazine Awards and five George Polk Awards. In 2004, he received the George Orwell Award.”

Read more:

Seymour Hersh statement from July 11, 2017.

“What I know comes off an FBI Report … The kid [Seth Rich was] … a nice boy,
twenty-seven. He was not an IT expert, but he learned stuff. He was a data
programmer … Here’s what nobody knows … when you have a death like that,
DC cops … have to get to the kid’s apartment and see what you can find … so
they get a warrant … They go in the house and they can’t do much with his
computer … They have a cyber unit in DC, and they’re more sophisticated. They
come and look at it. The idea is that maybe he’s had a series of exchanges with
somebody who’s said ‘I’m going to kill you, you motherfucker’ … and they can’t
get in … So, they call the FBI cyber unit. The DC … Washington Field Office is
a hot shit unit … There’s a cyber unit there that’s excellent … The Feds get
through and here’s what they find. This is according to the FBI Report … What
the Report says is that sometime in late Spring … early Summer, he [Seth Rich]
makes contact with WikiLeaks. That’s in his computer … They found what he
had done. He had submitted a series of documents … juicy emails from the DNC
… He [Seth Rich] offered a sample, an extensive sample … of emails, and said I
want money. Later, WikiLeaks did get the password. He had a … protected
dropbox … He also, and this is in the FBI Report, he also let people know with
whom he was dealing … The word was passed, according to the FBI Report, ‘I
also shared this box with a couple of friends, so if anything happens to me, it’s not
going to solve your problems’ … WikiLeaks got access before he was killed.”

From Huddleston v FBI


filed December 15, 2021

“In total, the FBI processed a total of 1,596 pages of responsive records subject to the FOIA. 7 Of the 1,596 pages processed, the FBI released 118 pages in part, released nine (9) pages in full, and withheld 1,469 pages in full pursuant to applicable FOIA Exemptions or as duplicates to material reviewed and processed elsewhere in the productions provided to Plaintiff.8 In addition, the FBI reviewed and marked 196 pages of consulted records it received from OIP. The consulted material was returned to OIP for further handling and inclusion in its releases to be provided to Plaintiff.”

“Both the FBI and OIP carefully examined the documents and determined the information withheld from Plaintiff in this case, if disclosed, would reveal, respective to each Exemption, classified information, statutorily protected information, confidential trade secrets and commercial information, and privileged information; could reasonably be expected to interfere with pending or prospective enforcement proceedings; would cause a clearly unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy, or could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; could reasonably be expected to disclose the identities of confidential sources and the information they provided; and would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations.”


1. Exemption 1: Classified Information Exemption

1 protects from disclosure those records that are (a) specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy; and (b) are in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order. 5 U.S.C. §552 (b)(1). Executive Order 13526 (“E.O. 13526”) is the current controlling executive order applicable to the protection of national security information. The FBI determined that all of the substantive, procedural, and administrative requirements set forth in E.O. 13526 were satisfied and concluded that the information protected pursuant to Exemption 1 was properly classified, continues to warrant classification at the “Secret” level, and is exempt from disclosure pursuant to E.O. 13526 § 1.4(c) – “intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology;” E.O. 13526 § 1.4 (d) – “foreign relations or foreign activities;” E.O. 13526 § 3.3(b)(1) – “intelligence sources and methods;” and E.O. 13526 § 3.3(b)(6) – “foreign government information.” [4th Seidel Declaration, ¶¶76-93].”


The FBI and OIP carefully examined the documents and determined the information withheld from Plaintiff in this case, if disclosed would reveal classified information; would reveal statutorily protected information; would reveal confidential trade secrets and commercial information; would reveal privileged information; could reasonably be expected to interfere with pending or prospective enforcement proceedings; would cause a clearly unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy, or could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; could reasonably be expected to disclose the identities of confidential sources and the information they provided; and would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations.”

Read more:

” So why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”…Attorney Ty Clevenger July 22, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court has stated that”circumstantial evidence is intrinsically no different from testimonial [direct] evidence”(Holland v. United States, 348 U.S. 121,75 S. Ct. 127, 99 L. Ed. 150 [1954])


Murder of Seth Rich

Do I know who killed Seth Rich? No. Do I know who his killer was? No. I’m willing to bet a million dollars that the Department of Defense official that threatened me does.

Justice needs to be served.

Terry Asher Moncada

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Terry Asher

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