Why You Need A Custom Workout Plan To Achieve Your Goals

Why You Need A Custom Workout Plan To Achieve Your Goals

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Custom Workout Plan

Ask any gym goer what their personal goals are and everyone has their own unique response. Some gym junkies will state they wish to lose weight, others reply they want to get into better physical shape and some will state they want to become ripped. That’s where a custom workout plan would come in handy…

People who want to shed some pounds or improve their fitness level will find it’s much more effective coming up with a custom workout plan.

So What are the benefits of making use of a personalized plan for your workouts?

Custom Workout Goals

Creating a custom workout plan helps to ensure the individual’s unique goals are met. Each exercise in the plan brings the person one step closer to their ultimate goal. For some, this goal could involve completing a marathon, thus the focus must be on building muscle endurance.

Another person may wish to increase their flexibility, and different exercises and stretches are needed to achieve this goal.

Others find they wish to improve their athletic performance and some wish to boost their strength. Regardless of what a person wants to achieve, their custom workout plan can be designed to help them reach this objective.

Motivation Is Included

People tend to stick with those things they enjoy, which helps to explain why the majority of fad diets and workout plans fail to help people get from where they are to where they want to be.

The individual tires of them quickly.

Anyone who wishes to reach their fitness goal and maintain it over the long term must have the motivation to do so. A workout plan they truly enjoy makes this task much easier.

If running doesn’t bring pleasure, it’s time to try swimming. If that doesn’t work, move on to kickboxing. Do so until the custom workout plan comes together and includes only those items that are considered fun and you enjoy. Doing so helps you establish exercise as a lifelong habit, as opposed to a chore.

People Have Different Workout Levels

Custom workout plans allow a person to exercise at their current ability level, while also challenging them to move to the next. Some workout routines turn people off because they lack any challenge.

Others are simply too hard for the person’s current level of fitness.

A custom plan eliminates these issues by also taking into account where the person is and where they ultimately want to be. The goal is to include exercises the people can do without difficulty but challenges them and helps build upon these exercises over time, as their strength and endurance increase.

A person training for a marathon won’t go out and run 26 miles the first day, and the same is true for a bodybuilder stepping on stage for a comp. A custom plan takes this into account and helps the person build on their ability over time to achieve their goals

Custom Fitness Plans Come In Different Shapes And Sizes

Some plans focus on only one part of the body, yet others state they exercise the entire body.

With a custom workout plan, the individual developing the plan can ensure that not only every part of the body receives the exercise needed, but that all aspects of physical health are addressed.

People need to remember that exercises designed to build strength typically are “light” on flexibility, and those designed to build endurance won’t always provide the bulging muscles a person is searching for. A custom plan can be created to ensure exercises designed to address each area are included in a person’s regular routine.

You’re Scheduling With Custom Workouts

Some days of the week tend to be busier than others. A custom workout plan takes this into account as well. On those days where fitting in a full workout isn’t feasible, a lighter workout can be scheduled. This flexibility ensures a person does not become discouraged and give up because they aren’t sticking to the routine.

Assistance In Creating A Custom Workout Plan

If a person struggles to create a personal workout plan, he or she will find help where it’s available.

Some people turn to a personal trainer for assistance with this task, but others find they cannot fit this expense in their budget or schedule. Some free workout templates are offered but don’t always meet the needs of the person.

For this reason, a number of people now choose to turn some solid workout apps, one that provides a comprehensive program which may be accessed anywhere the user has access to the internet.

Why Gym Junkies University For Creating Your Custom Workout Plan

Here at Gym Junkies, we serve as an online personal trainer, one that creates customized, personalized workouts to meet the specific goals of the client.

When creating a custom workout plan, the program takes into account the fitness level of the individual to find the perfect workout. Most programs that are similar use the same set of routines and simply recycle them.

However, this isn’t the case with Gym Junkies.

The program offers a variety of exercises to choose from, more than 2,500 workouts and videos, to ensure boredom is never an issue, and it tracks results for the user. This allows each person to observe how far they have come since starting the program.

In addition, countless people find watching their numbers change provides them with the motivation to keep going and to work harder to reach the next level.

I’ll show you below how I used gym junkies university to keep track of my progress for my upcoming physique competition.

Scheduling isn’t an issue either, as Gym Junkies University can be streamed on any device. This includes a person’s mobile device, iPad, desktop and more. A user can squeeze in a short workout while on the go or do a full on routine that takes an hour or more.

This flexibility ensures people can fit exercise into their life, regardless of what else they have going on.

For those who have invested countless dollars on programs or expensive trainers that didn’t work, Gym Junkies University may appear to be more of the same, but this isn’t the case. The program also offers a free, 15 day trial period so a person can determine how it works for them before they actually commit to the custom workout plan.

Of course, a person should always check with their doctor when trying any new physical activity, but it does take into account the unique needs of the user.

So If You Want To Quit wasting your time on boring workout routines that fail to provide the desired results.

Myself & Team Gym Junkies is here to help.

Once you have a customized workout plan, you’ll find you enjoy exercising more and you’ll achieve results in a much shorter period of time. As a result, you’ll be motivated to continue and you’ll reach your goals in less time than you may have thought possible.

Feel free to give it a try today or email us with questions.

You won’t be disappointed.

-Terry Asher

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  1. I agree that people can get tired of their workout routine quickly. You want to make sure you mix up your workout routine and choose the best activities for you so that you will stick with it. You should also find activities you like or else you won’t be able to make it a habit, like you said.

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