Clean Energy Patch Review

Clean Energy Patch Review

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Clean Evergy Review

We’ve all had those days – you know the ones. The ones where you’re sluggish and dragging your feet and your head feels like it is in a cloud fog.

Not only does this kill your productivity, but it also wreaks havoc on your fitness and healthy lifestyle. After all, if you don’t have the energy to do some work in the office, we’re going to guess you don’t exactly have the energy to run two miles either. Or lift. Or do anything else at the gym.

So, like most people, you probably turn to your favorite energy drink or even energy bar. You get that surge of energy…and then a short time later, you get the dreaded crash. This happens with everything from energy drinks to coffee. The crash almost makes it not worth it.

In fact, the crash is what makes a lot of people stop drinking energy drinks or eating energy bars in the first place. So we went on the hunt for a completely natural energy-booster. While we found a few interesting items along the way, one item really stuck out to us: Clean Energy Patch.

It is exactly how you’d imagine it – a little patch made of kinesiology tape that you put on your arm, leg, abdomen, or other areas on your body. It’s a completely zero-calorie source of energy. And the best part – no side effects whatsoever. It’s the best of both worlds – you won’t get any nasty feelings after and you don’t have to worry about drinking your calories to get some energy.

The idea behind Clean Energy Patch is that you are able to get your boost of caffeine without chugging empty calories, as well as other harmful and artificial ingredients that your body doesn’t need or want.

Because the caffeine isn’t going through your intestinal tract, you can forget about acid stomach and bathroom breaks. You won’t have the jitters or the rollercoaster ride of caffeine spikes. All those annoying and damaging side effects you get with energy drinks and foods don’t happen with the patch.

Above, we had mentioned the fact that there aren’t any artificial ingredients in Clean Energy Patch. So, like us, you are probably wondering what the heck is in it. Some of the top ingredients include caffeine, cocoa, and guarana. These are all natural stimulants that blend together in order to provide a constant stream of energy. Because of this excellent recipe, you won’t just get the usual caffeine rush. Instead, you will experience a low “hum” of energy, with a clear focus and alertness. When it comes to caffeine, we found that every patch has around 35 mg.

Clean Energy Reviews 

A Better Way To Get Your Energy

Clean Energy Patch uses your skin to its advantage. The skin is one of the most absorptive elements in the world. And the patch counts on that. It uses the skin to keep a nice even balance of caffeine going for as many as 8 hours.

When we first got our Clean Energy Patches, the only thing we were hesitant about was the fact that it was a patch.

After all, working out and sweating doesn’t exactly feel the best when you have a piece of tape stuck on your skin, right?

Well, as we mentioned earlier – it turns out that Clean Energy Patch is made of kinesiology tape. This type of tape is used in all areas of life and fitness. It’s flexible, breathable and makes you feel like you have nothing on.

The creators behind this product realized there is one big issue when it comes to energy drinks: you have to ingest them. But the problem with this is the fact that your stomach just isn’t up to the battle of handling that much caffeine. It can’t process it, especially when you’re already engaged in some activity. So when your body is feeling the stress, whether it’s from lack of sleep or killing it at the gym, it isn’t going to handle that caffeine well. In fact, it is barely going to handle it at all. That is when you will find yourself feeling nauseous, crampy, and jittery. Add in the ups and downs of the caffeine spikes and you might be asking yourself why you decided to chug that energy drink in the first place.

Something else that really stuck out about this product is the fact that just about anyone can use it. Even if you don’t work out, you can still use it to your advantage. It’s the perfect solution for students who have a big test coming up that they really need to buckle down and study for. Clean Energy Patch gives you energy and focus, which is just what you need to ace the test.

You can wear a Clean Energy Patch every day so long as you change the location of the patch on your body. It’s also suggested that you don’t wear more than 2 patches a day.

Another advantage to buying this product: you won’t find it to be overly expensive. If you want to get the 3-count package of the patch, it’ll cost you less than $10. So the more you buy, the more you end up saving. For example, the 40-count box of patches will only cost you $69.99– plus, you will get free shipping.

The natural energy that comes along with this product is unbeatable. It’s a more even balance of caffeine. Without any crashes, jitters, or negative side effects, Clean Energy Patch makes it feel as though your body is the one producing the energy.

What could be more natural than that?

If you head on over to Clean Energy Patch’s site between now and September 30, 2016, you can use my code GJ2016 for 20% off your order.

-Terry Asher

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