C9-T11: Gym Junkies Review

C9-T11: Gym Junkies Review

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C9 – t11 reviews
In the pursuit of a fit and muscular body, the right supplements can help fill gaps in your nutrition and improve your energy levels during workouts as well as fuel recovery.

As you’ve probably discovered, not all supplements are created equal. That’s why we take the time to carefully review popular supplements. Our goal is to help you wade through the junk and find the best supplements to help you reach your goals safely and effectively.

C9 – t11 is one supplement that promises a 700 percent growth in muscles in as few as 7 weeks. That is quite a lofty claim. The big question is does it work? Does c9 t11 deliver or is it just another name on a long list of over-hyped, under-performing supplements to waste your money on?

The supplements official site features c9 – t11 before and after pictures of guys with serious muscle growth. As always the question is, how real are the results? Can a supplement really bring that drastic a change in so less a time? (Safely and legally). It’s time we found out.

How does c9 – t11 work?

This muscle-powering supplement uses a compound called c9 t11 , also known as conjugated linoleic acid. It is found in a wide variety of meat and dairy products. While some people believe that c9 – t11 is a plant, this is incorrect. It is actually a fatty acid that is found in dairy products. On further research, I found that CLA is the main and active ingredient of c9-t11 along with a few other components like gelatin, glycerin, St John’s extract and more.

My suspicion with this product is the claim that CLA is actually derived from a rare African plant. As you already know; this is entirely not the case. A good supplement company should have no reason to present false information about their product to sell it. Quality sells. So, to say this made us skeptical would be accurate.

How effective is c9 t11?

When you take c9t11 in the right dosage as directed, it will suppress the release of cortisol hormone. Cortisol is mainly released when you are stressed or during physical failure. If cortisol hormone is released for a longer period of time, it can inhibit your body’s ability to build muscles. Supplementing with c9 – t11 is intended to suppress this hormone and therefore  help you build muscle.

CLA supplements are not known to have side effects but in a few cases have lead to general nausea, upset stomach or dizziness.

C9 – T11 Reviews

There are a considerable number of positive reviews for C9-T11. However, based on how long the product has been on the market, you might expect there to be more c9 – t11 reviews.

There were a couple of negative c9 – t11 reviews where the users were thoroughly disappointed and failed to achieve any positive effects. So our skepticism about the product persisted and we were not convinced that c9t11 can really produce the massive results its makers claim. However, CLA supplements in general have shown to produce beneficial results.

Should you buy c9t11?

Overall, c9t11 is a pretty expensive way to supplement with CLA. The 700 percent increase in your muscles that its makers claim is not remotely realistic. However, CLA in general produces positive results of a more realistic nature.

You will find a lot of healthier alternatives that will actually serve your purpose rather than making false promises. Try and look for alternatives that are more effective and less costly. The c9 – t11 reviews are not hugely promising and convincing either. You should always question any supplement that claims to increase your muscle by absurd percentages. There is no way to safely increase your muscles by 700% except with years and years of training. It’s never a good idea to rely on before and after photos to tell you about the quality of a supplement. Unfortunately, many supplements are overstated and over hyped.


As always, it’s your call on whether or not you want to try c9-t11. CLA has been shown to have beneficial effects and this is its main ingredient. Despite the cost of this product which we consider a downside, we rated it 3 stars for the effectiveness of CLA in assisting muscle growth.

When it comes to inhibiting the release of cortisol and helping your muscles to maintain a state of growth, CLA may be a useful supplement. However, you can find this a bit cheaper as it does not come from any rare African tree.

Remember, supplements are always intended to ADD to your existing diet. Muscle growth comes first from hard training and proper recovery including nutritious meals balanced with carbs, some fat and protein. For any supplement to do its job, you must first do yours. That means pushing yourself in the gym, and staying vigilant on your diet, fueling your body with the high-quality calories it needs. And lastly, when it comes to muscle growth, never forget that your sleep is one of the best nutrients you can increase!


C9-T11 Review
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