Blue Star Status Review – Does It Work?

Blue Star Status Review – Does It Work?

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Blue Star Status Review

Are you noticing a decrease in stamina and increase in fat? You’re not alone my friends. You could be suffering from low testosterone. Here is the Blue Star Status review. 

Studies have shown that the older you get, the lower your testosterone levels can become. And the result of that are things that most us wish not to experience such as fatigue, unwanted fat, lack of motivation, a decrease in sex drive – the list goes on. Even if you are an all-star athlete with genetics like a Greek god, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. And it sucks. No matter how clean you eat, or how hard you train, sometimes you just need a little help.

Good news is there are a few things you can do to help!

The creators of Blue Star Status created an all natural testosterone booster to help you perform at your best.

What is Blue Star Status?

Blue Star Status is a high quality, all natural, testosterone supplement designed by Blue Star Nutraceuticals – a dynamic research and development team made up of doctors, designers, athletes, trainers, and nutritionists based out of Canada.

This supplement was made to increase your stamina, help you burn off stubborn fat, and block a significant amount of estrogen conversion. etc.

Sounds pretty legit, huh?

We thought so. Which is why we decided to give this one a whirl.

We know what you might be thinking… “heard this one before” whatever.

Well, what makes Blue Star Status so unique is its revolutionary five-pronged approach to testosterone-boosting. No other testosterone supplement does so much, so fast. Here’s how you’ll boost your testosterone 434% higher than you would by just lifting weights.

How Blue Star Status Works

1. Micronutrient support

Status contains Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. Those three ingredients have been clinically researched and in the proper dose, they’re shown to naturally boost your testosterone levels. Specifically, 30 mg of Zinc when combined with 450 mg of

Magnesium supports testosterone production through the increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) at the pituitary gland. And the addition of Vitamin B6 increases the bioavailability of Zinc and Magnesium to help increase free testosterone levels.

2. Weightlifters, hallelujah!

KSM-66®, a natural herb extract that reduces the stress on your hormone-producing glands allowing for higher testosterone production. A published study from November 2015 shows definitive evidence that KSM-66® can increase a healthy man’s testosterone levels by 434% higher when combined with weight training, compared to weight training alone.

3. Stop the loss of testosterone

Naturally produced testosterone has only a short period of effectiveness before it quickly loses its ability to build muscle and burn off fat. That’s exactly why Blue Star Status contains Testosurge®, a trademarked ingredient that prolongs this otherwise short, yet highly valuable period during which your body reaps these benefits. By prolonging this period, your body is able to naturally accumulate testosterone at levels higher than your resting average.

4. Reduce estrogen production

Dark, rich, leafy greens contain a powerful compound called 3,3′-Diindolylmethane (DIM). DIM has been shown to reduce total estrogen content as well as block existing estrogen from producing its associated feminine effects. And lucky for you, DIM isn’t just for greens anymore. It’s also in Status – the dosage in the supplement is equivalent to 6 pounds of vegetables! Time to eat your veggies!

5. Tapping unlocked potential

98% of your testosterone is biologically inactive and unable to provide any real benefit.However, there is a positive side here – while only 2% of your testosterone is biologically active at any given time, tapping into the other 98% is the single most efficient way to increase your testosterone presence and reap its masculine benefits.

And there you have it.
Along with those top three ingredients we just mentioned ( zinc + vitamin B6 +Blue Star Status Ingredient List magnesium) the rest of the ingredient list is as follows:

TestoSURGE which has been shown to increase free testosterone by 178%. It works by inhibiting the action of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which attaches itself to testosterone molecules, rendering them useless. The less SHBG the better!

Eurycoma Longifolia which boosts free testosterone the same way, through the mechanism of decreased SHBG.

Saw Palmetto which supports the health of the prostate and fights against the symptoms of BPH.

Benefits Of Blue Star Status

The great thing about natural testosterone boosters is that they come with a lot of benefits without any of the terrible side effects you might experience with prescription medication.

Benefits Include:

●  Increased energy for workouts and for general daily activities.

●  Improved sleep and enhanced mood

●  More strength and stamina during workout sessions

●  Fat loss

●  Muscle Gains

●  Increased sex drive and performance

●  Less estrogen conversion

●  Less brain fog

Now you might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. It is great stuff, no doubt! But there are a few cons.


●  Negative Reviews.

●  Ingredient amounts, for the most part, are nowhere to be found. This leaves us

guessing whether or not any of them are actually as effective as they claim to be.

Where Can I Buy Blue Star Status And What Does It Cost?

A 30 day supply, consisting of 90 capsules will cost you $69.99 on their site and on No trial scams or hidden fees. Not the cheapest but worth it in our opinion and worst case, if you’re not satisfied, they do offer a money back guarantee.

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We’re giving this product a solid 4 out of 5. We did notice an increase is an energy, better sleep and in return more stamina during workouts. The ingredient list is natural and effective. We’re looking forward to the long-term results.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

-Terry Asher

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