Bloke Undees Review

Bloke Undees Review

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Bloke Undees Review

Let’s face it – there isn’t much to pick from in the way of fashion designs in male underwear. Basically, as a guy, there are two choices to pick from – black or white.

That’s about it. And the same can be said about workout clothes. Sure they have a purpose – keep you clothed during your workouts. But why does it have to stop there? Why can’t these be fashion choices, too?

But why does it have to stop there? Why can’t these be fashion choices, too? When you’re working out, it should be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. And a basic white tee isn’t going to give across the right message.

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about Bloke Undees and their products. They make track wear for men and women. What sets them apart is their dedication to both comfort and fashion. Usually, especially when it comes to men workout clothes, you have to pick between one or the other – you don’t get comfort and fashion.

But with Bloke Undees, they promise both. So of course, we had to try it for ourselves. And we were pretty blown away with the awesome options they had.

Are Bloke Undees Comfortable?

When you pick out workout clothes, the first thing you’re going to think of is comfort. You want breathable fabric that’s going to allow you to move freely, but also help you sweat without looking like you just got out of a pool.

Bloke Undees definitely provide all of those options. The fabric they use for their clothes helps your skin breath as you go through even the toughest of workouts. On the other hand, it helps keep sweat at bay, so you won’t drown as you continue your workout. It’s not the kind of fabric that’s going to make you feel restricted or like you’re wearing an entire outfit made out of a rubber band – it’s a comfortable soft yet flexible fabric.

What Are Bloke Undees Options?

In fact, for those with sensitive skin or personal preferences, there are even organic options available. It’s pretty hard to find organic clothes in the industry, let alone organic options for men. But because Bloke Undees want to stay ahead of the times, they’re creating clothes with organic materials only.

So comfort is pretty much a top goal at this company. So up next on our checklist is going to be style. It’s safe to say they nailed this aspect too. There are hundreds of different designs for guys to pick from. Ranging from camo to trackies with cuffed bottoms. All of these are available in different colors and styles, including shorts, pants, trackies, muscle tees, and sleeveless shirts.

All of their products are geared toward the active bloke, so the same breathable fabric in the shirt, you will find in all the pants and underwear too. No more awkward clothing malfunctions while you’re working out!

The underwear line is something else, too. It isn’t just your average pair of boxers or briefs. They have tons of designs that you can match with a pair of pants or shorts or wear on their own.

Another major perk we loved? They have the same organic fabric available in underwear. They’re extremely comfortable and soft, yet have the right amount of flexible movement you’re going to want while you’re at the gym or on a run.

What Does Bloke Undees Offer For Men…

For the guys, they have both briefs and a more relaxed fit available. All of these feature their own designs, which means you can find the perfect option for the guy in your life or for yourself. Whether they want red and green camo or are looking for stripes, they have countless options available for each and every guy. With their wide variety to pick from, there’s a choice for just about every guy, regardless of their personal preferences.

For a product like this, especially with organic options and fashionable choices, we were expecting to pay a pretty penny for these. However, they’re all available for a pretty affordable price. The prices range from about $15 to around $50 for a pair of trackies. The organic products are also fairly priced. If you’re looking to save a few bucks while stocking up on these products, you can grab a 2-pack or mix and match.

We also appreciated the user-friendly website. They have each and every product laid out in a clear, easy-to-use design, so you can physically see what it looks like on a person. It’s a great way to envision what looks good with what. You’re able to buy them right on the site and have them developed right to your door in no time.

Does Bloke Undees Have Promos?

And probably our favorite part was the constant sales. Bloke Undees seem like they always have a sale going on, and they make sure you know when they are marking an item down. Plus, when you first head onto their website, a pop-up appears offering you a coupon if it’s your first time. On top of that, there’s another pop-up window that offers another coupon. We’re big fans of sales, and obviously, so is this company, because they’ve always got one going on.

The company and all of their products are completely focused on activewear and active people. All of the various clothing adjust to your movements and help you breathe, which make it one of the best active wear clothing lines we’ve come across so far.

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In our review, Bloke Undees has nailed every aspect of the active industry. They’ve focused their products on comfort, with organic options available in just about every single one of their styles. On the flip side of that, they aren’t giving up fashion in place of getting comfort. They make sure each one of their products is comfortable but has an awesome design.

With so many different designs, they have a choice for everyone we could possibly imagine, whether they want to go with a more vivid design or want to keep it casual with a simple colored sleeveless shirt. With all of this factored into our review, we’re going to say Bloke Undees is a good way to go for the active male and female.


-Terry Asher


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