BlackCore Edge – IS IT THE REAL DEAL?

BlackCore Edge – IS IT THE REAL DEAL?

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BlackCore Edge Reviews

If you frequent Gym Junkies blog often, then you are well aware of scammy supplement products. No shocker. Tons of companies do it, sadly.

HOWEVER, we recently came across quite possibly the most scammy one yet and we are here to review it.

This product is called BlackCore Edge, and depending on where you look, it’s a pre workout supplement… it’s a post workout supplement… it’s a testosterone booster… or maybe it’s a male enhancement pill. Another wonder pill.

We’ll give you guys all the deets on it and then let you decide if it seems legit, or not.

Is it a PRE-Work Out?

We hopped on their site to gather more info on this product and for starters, BlackCore Edge is labeled as a POST work out, even though it is pushed to be a PRE workout.

So, which is one is it?

You take them as directed, or whenever you decide and then they improve the results you get from your regimen, including diet and exercise. But BlackCore Edge does actually specify.

They just specify it as both, which is where things start to get confusing for us.

They also claim it gives you energy, helps build muscle quickly, and it burns fat – many of the things you look for in a pill you take to prepare for your tough workouts.

Any product marketed as a post work supplement typically contains BCAA’s as they help in muscle recovery. Which means quicker recovery time in between workout sessions. Whether or not it actually even contains BCAA’s (which are essential for post muscle recovery) we’ll touch on later.

Is it a Testosterone Booster, too?

Also on the bottle, BlackCore Edge calls itself a “Natural Testosterone Booster”.

The website goes on to claim that the proprietary blend of ingredients in BlackCore Edge has been proven to increase male testosterone levels while also increasing your metabolism, increase vitality, boost sex drive.

However, it doesn’t seem to contain the typical ingredients you’d find in testosterone boosters, such as N02.


Is it a Male Enhancement Supplement?

Most supplements, especially N02 test boosters, are known to enhance your performance in the bedroom because there is some overlap when it comes to what makes you stronger in the gym and what makes you stronger in the bedroom.

A boost in testosterone will increase your libido as well as your performance and stamina. And an increase in Nitric Oxide provided by most pre workout supplements will help improve blood flow so you can achieve harder, longer lasting erections. So, it is not out of the ordinary for a supplement to claim that it will improve your sex life. Now, keep in mind they don’t explain how… they just say it helps. Hopefully, the ingredients list will help us find out.

BlackCore Edge Ingredients

Well, too bad nailing down the BlackCore Edge ingredients list was not an easy task.


The official website offers nothing on the subject. When we went looking on third party websites, we found no less than four entirely different ingredients lists. One talked about L-Arginine, Niacin, and Vitamin C. One highlighted Epimedium, Saw Palmetto, and Tongkat Ali. A third mentioned Wild Yam, Ginseng, and Muira Puama. And the last one focused on protein and creatine. Blah Blah Blah.There may have been more.

Who even knows (or cares?) at this point.

Safe to say, we are getting WAY over BlackCore Edge and anything it has to offer.


No one likes to be scammed. And not surprised, the only way you can purchase BlackCore Edge is online through their free trial offer. It’s not sold in stores, and so far, you won’t find it at

Once you get to their website to place your order, you are told you can sign up for a free sample. If you do not see the fine print (which is exactly what they want) then you will get hit with a BILL. $89.95 to be exact.


Guys get caught up in these scams all the time.

If you ordered BlackCore Edge and need to cancel, you can call them at 1-877-516-7511.


Obviously, this will not be a good one. We would not and will not recommend BlackCore Edge to our readers or to anyone for that matter. Bad marketing, fake advertising, false claims, false reviews, TOTAL scam, terrible ingredient list.

Do yourself a favor and don’t even try, guys.

On to the next one…

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