Betancourt Nutrition Beef Standard Prime Review

Betancourt Nutrition Beef Standard Prime Review

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With so many different nutritional powders on the shelves nowadays, it can be pretty tough to weed through them all.

After all, with so many choices to pick from, how can you find the right one?

A lot of these protein powders all promise the same results – dropping in fat while bulking up in muscle. But something many people are concerned with is all the extra ingredients that tend to come along with these products.

And when you want to keep with something that’s going to help support your goals, from weight loss to bulking up, you’ve got to pick the right thing.

That’s why we were pretty interested when we came across The Beef Standard Prime by Betancourt. Not only does it get some pretty amazing reviews, but the ingredients list definitely peaked out interest. So naturally we had to try it for ourselves.

The first thing we noticed – all the ingredients Beef Standard Prime didn’t have. And we mean that in a good way. It didn’t have a lot of the things we look for in protein powder. The whole list of things Beef Standard Prime didn’t have: collagen, gelatin, dairy, fish, egg, milk, gluten, shellfish, peanut, tree nut, soy, wheat and yeast.

That’s a lot of bad stuff left out, so a lot of good stuff can fit in. One heading scoop is going to give you a serving size of about 32 grams. And there are about 28 servings in a tub of it, which evens out to about $1.00 a serving.

With 0 grams of fat, sugar and cholesterol, and 3 grams of Creatine, we were pretty intrigued by the protein powder. It also boasts having brown rice bran, which is a lower glycemic index carb that’s going to help keep you full. It also has SuperSerum, which is a protein that absorbs quickly, among other major perks.

Will Betancourt Nutrition Actually Bulk Me Up?

Its goal? To help support the goals of both bodybuilders and athletes. So if you’re looking to drop a few pounds while also bulking up, this is the product for you. Another added bonus: If you want to use it more than twice a day, you can do so without working about negative side effects.

As for the texture and taste, Betancourt nailed these two categories, too. There isn’t a sticky texture and the flavor we tried (French vanilla) was smooth and silky.

The results we found were exactly what Beef Standard Prime promised – dropping the unwanted weight while also gaining more muscle. We’ve used other products in the past and this one definitely takes the cake with following through with its promises. In fact, we found that our muscle fullness increased dramatically while we used this supplement.

A pretty big perk we noticed too? Our appetite’s dropped dramatically. With other shakes, you can feel hungry pretty quickly – in fact, with some other protein powders, it’s only an hour or two before you’re hungry. But with Beef Standard Protein, we felt like we had just eaten a full meal with it – so it was more than a couple of hours before we felt the need to eat again

What takes Beef Standard Prime above all the rest are some of the ingredients. It has both Serum Albumin Concentrate and Hydrolyzed Beef Protein. Both of these are proteins that are bursting full of things like growth factors, albumins, and immunoglobulins. Take a look at other protein powders on the shelf and you likely won’t find high-quality ingredients like this one.

What Are The Benefits of Betancourt Nutrition?

Another benefit from using Beef Standard Prime was not having to deal with all the negative side effects that can usually come along with a protein powder. We’ve all been there – bloating, crampy, gassy, or just plain uncomfortable. But because they used beef protein, you don’t get those terrible feelings.

This means if you have an allergy to anything like gluten, soy or lactose, you will want to give it a shot. You aren’t going to be uncomfortable or feel sick like you do with other protein powders.

And since beef protein is very low in calories and basically carb-free, this is going to be the perfect solution for those who are trying to majorly lose some weight. It seems to have the perfect balance between keeping you full but also not allowing you to gain a bunch of weight from it.

How Is Betancourt Comparable?

We would give this protein powder a straight 10 out of 10, but it lost a point with mixability. You will definitely want to mix it with another liquid and shake for a pretty long time. In fact, using a blender may be a great idea. If you aren’t able to use a blender for it, definitely give it a few extra minutes when you are shaking it.

We found that mixing it with almond milk instead of water helped get rid of any lingering chunks. A mixing ball can also be a big help here too. Regardless, everything else falls right into place, so the mixability is the only area where there is some room for improvement.

Because Betancourt has completely nailed it with their Beef Standard Prime supplement in ingredients, taste, digestion and overall effectiveness, we’re going to go ahead and recommend this product as one of your go-to options. Betancourt has a few different flavors to pick from, including French vanilla, cinnamon swirl, and chocolate, so you can mix and match or stick with your favorite flavor.

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We’re more than confident you’re going to love this supplement and stick with it for a long time. Coupled up with an exercise regimen and diet, you really will see the results you have been working so hard to get. And since it is available at such an affordable price, it isn’t going to break the bank for you to stay on this long term.

It’s the perfect solution for those looking to find a protein powder that is healthy and one they can stick with, instead of switching around a bunch of time.


-Terry Asher

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