Amidren: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Amidren: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Amidren ReviewsOne of the most dreaded natural courses in life most women absolutely hate going through is menopause.

With side effects like weight gain, hot flashes, and many more issues, it’s a huge problem for women all over the globe.

And unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much they can do about it. Doctors try prescribing various kinds of medicines and supplements, but not many of them ease the pain.

Despite the popularity and well-known name of menopause, there aren’t many people who know what andropause is. This is actually what men suffer instead of menopause. And what it indicates is that there is a permanent change in the male hormone production. It happens when the male is going into a certain aspect of his life when breeding and procreation isn’t exactly top of the list.

Now this can have some equally negative effects on the dude’s overall life and environment. They can have less muscle mass, and see a major decrease in libido. In fact, they can even lose their hair.

And much like women going through menopause, there isn’t much that’s available to help them out. But we recently came across Amidren, which is said to be a completely natural product for the issues associated with andropause. In fact, it doesn’t just get rid of some of the symptoms – it can also help get a man’s sex drive back up.

So does Amidren work?

There isn’t much information regarding the product, even on the maker’s website. However, we did find that a lot of the ingredients found in Amidren generally used in male enhancement supplements and other products. These usually include ingredients like zinc, magnesium tribulus terrestris, copper, fenugreek, and saw palmetto. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, these are generally in the products used in the fight against them. It can also help those suffering from impotence.

However, the label and instructions don’t offer any clue on how much of each of these are in the product itself. It only says to take one pill on a daily basis to start seeing a decrease in negative symptoms.

When you go looking for the product, it can be found on several different supplement websites, from large to small. You can also get it on the manufacturer’s site. However, one thing you will want to think about before you go ahead and buy the product is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any kind of guarantee that comes along with it. This means even if you aren’t happy with the product, you aren’t going to get any money back.

We couldn’t find much in the way of Amidren reviews, even on the website, which seemed to be lacking in more than just information.

It’s tough to put a finger on this product, because it takes a totally different method to handling erectile dysfunction and other kind of male performance issues. While the website it pretty detailed, it isn’t exactly detailed on the ingredients or how much there are. They do seem to have the best pricing though, so if you are going to buy it, you will want to go through the manufacturer’s site. As for the maker itself, they are well-known and definitely have a good reputation for the other products they make, which offers some comfort.

And when you take a look at the references they cite, you will find they have several studies that used the formula and had some results.

Amidren Side Effects

That’s where the good news ends. Like we said earlier, there isn’t any kind of guarantee. So once you buy it, it’s yours. And it is pretty costly, so you will want to think about this. We are still stuck on the fact that there isn’t much information about the main ingredients in the product. How can we know about Amidren side effects without knowing exactly what’s in it and how much of each ingredient?

Like we said, it’s definitely on the more expensive side. For a bottle of 60 pills, you’re looking to spend around $70. If you want to get two bottles at one time, this will be a bit cheaper. And because this is the type of product that has to be taken continually, you’re looking at a pretty expensive price tag.

Our recommendation is this – because it is made up completely of natural products, we would say it’s a pretty safe choice for hormone therapy if you’re 40 years old or above. If you aren’t going to be in the risk range of developing andropause, there are tons of other products you can use for male performance that aren’t as expensive and have a lot more evidence backing their success.

One of the most popular and successful products we’ve reviewed is Virgrx Plus. This definitely shines above all over products in the male enhancement category. Not only does it give you the results you want, but it has a ton of information on it. In fact, there are plenty of reviews you are able to read from real users that will give you their inside look at the product. And we’ll tell you – a majority of those reviews are seriously positive.

It can help boost your libido and stamina, which are two major factors for a lot of men. Plus, it is proven to be successful, and it has the clinical studies to prove it.

So you will want to base your decision on what exactly you want to fix. If you’re at risk for andropause, or you are already experiencing symptoms of it, than Amidren is the right choice for you. But if you aren’t dealing with andropause, and your main issue is male enhancement or performance, you may want to go with another product specifically for that.

Amidren targets those men suffering from andropause, so if you aren’t dealing with this problem, it likely won’t help you much. And because of its hefty price tag, we would say not to risk it.

-Terry Asher

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