Alpha Jacked: An Alpha Supplement or Not?

Alpha Jacked: An Alpha Supplement or Not?

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Alpha Jacked Review

Alpha Jacked: is it really an alpha supplement when it comes to pre workout formulas? We’ll find out today.

For bodybuilding and health, there are so many different pills, supplements and various tools that are supposed to transform the whole fitness world. And one of these supplements promising to deliver the results you want is Alpha Jacked.

Alpha Jacked Ingredients

Surprisingly, there isn’t a ton of info on the product that can be found on the Internet. What we do know is this: Alpha Jacked is taken daily and it’s a ‘natural’ formula. What it is intended to do is help you get bigger, better workouts, keep your focus super sharp, and help increase your overall mental intensity.

These are some of the most important qualities that come along with being an athlete or a bodybuilder. After all, each of these need to perform at their utmost best. So there must be certain ingredients that these types of athletes and bodybuilders need, right? Right.

Well, hopefully they don’t need to know what ingredients are in Alpha Jacked, because you can’t find anything on the ingredients. There is hardly any info regarding the ingredients in this product.

Alpha Jacked Side Effects

So the question you are probably asking yourself why in the world would you ever take something when you don’t know what’s in it? It could be dangerous, you could have a strange reaction, or maybe there’s some pretty nasty side effects. You won’t know until you take it – and odds are, most people aren’t going to take it without fully knowing what to expect or what they’re ingesting.

Alpha Jacked, however, is often compared to many other supplements. These include supplements like No2 Maximus, Optimal Stack, and 1285 Muscle. These are products you may have heard about before or read reviews about. And while Alpha Jacked is sometimes compared to these other supplements, it isn’t a clear indication of what it contains.

Alpha Jacked Reviews

And when it comes to looking for reviews, that’s a little bit of an issue too. There are a ton of reviews on places like and, but why is someone going to create a website just to post their review? It all seems a little too sketchy and nothing really comes together.

There were a couple of legit reviews on, which seemed pretty solid. One of those reviews stated that the product did absolutely nothing. The user stated that he used the product for two weeks and saw zero improvements with both his workouts and his overall body/muscles. He also went on a rant about the whole billing and cancellation process. The user claims that the company continued to charge his credit card, over and over again, despite the fact that he didn’t want any more of the product.

Alpha Jacked Negative Feedback

There are definitely quite a few negative reviews when it comes to the product, especially on Many of the users state that the company offered them a free trial, they only needed to pay for shipping. However, when they ordered the free trial, they received the full month’s worth and was charged for the rest of the month. They were also automatically enrolled in getting automatic shipments every month, which means they had to pay for it every month too.

There’s also some kind of weird YouTube video that promotes the product, with an equally weird song. Not really sure what the purpose of it is, other than being pretty weird and unsure of what exactly it promotes.

Should You Buy Alpha Jacked?

If you do decide you want to buy it, you can only buy it from Alpha Jacked’s website. Like we said, there is a free trial. Keep in mind this isn’t the same thing as a free sample. Rather, you get to try the product for about 2 weeks and then your credit card is automatically billed about $88 a month. This occurs every single month until you cancel your automatic enrollment. And, if it’s anything else like how this seems to go, it’s going to be quite the process trying to cancel your automatic subscription.

As for perks of the product… well… we don’t know. There are the reviews but they don’t really seem legitimate. They’re on strange, made up websites and are most likely done by the company itself, so they aren’t exactly something you can count on. Because of this, we don’t consider these reviews to be legit. Since it’s on Rip Off Report, and there are quite a few there, we consider these to be legit. And the same complaints are mentioned here, in terms of the payment issues and the lack of effectiveness. These are from real users, not the company’s, so we know they’re legit.

Gym Junkies

Gym Junkies Review of Alpha Jacked

So what is our recommendation? You may see this coming but our answer is no.

If you’re looking for a clean energy boost with a crystal clear list of natural ingredients, try our Ignite Pre-Workout Formula. This is how a natural pre-workout SHOULD work and you’ll know EXACTLY what’s in the bottle.

Alpha Jacked just doesn’t seem legit and it doesn’t get great reviews. If it were being sold somewhere that was reputable and had good reviews, we would be more for it. But there is hardly any information about it, which makes it hard to call. The information that is available, doesn’t seem very solid or legit so we don’t really think it’s appropriate to give it the OK. It almost seems as if the company is trying to cover up the ingredients and doesn’t want to make it known.

We see countless pre-workout supplements that come into the market all the time. They aren’t always effective, but at the very least they make their products, ingredients and various other aspects of the element known. A company that almost tries to hide their ingredients, and make up fake reviews, obviously has something to hide. And because of that, we can’t recommend this product.

Alpha Jacked Review
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  1. Alpha jacked is a huge rip off..and they mislead you on pricing..I just fought them and they offered me half my money back…I had to cancel my credit card after that so they can’t charge me again

  2. Alpha Jacked is a RIP OFF! I saw no noticeable results, and the company billed my credit card for $ 170 the following month for the “Free trial” What a bunch of *&&^%$!!!!! Free is supposed to be free!!

    • Christopher,

      Thanks for letting us know about your experience with Alpha Jacked. People need to be careful of “free trial” products out there.


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